Capt'n Nemo's of Chicago catering the Chicagland area and
serving delicous subs, chili, and soups at numerous locations.

Chicago Catering
Captain Nemo's blends a Chicago takeout restaurant and Chicago sandwich shop into the Best Soups, Best Chili and Biggest Best Subs. And some of Chicago's Best Italian Beef.

Phone Numbers:
Winnetka Location - 847-446-6406
Rogers Park Location - 773-973-0570
Lakeview Location - 773-929-7687

Capt'n Nemo's sandwiches are known for "more meat than bread" and good where you want easy-to-eat items without the need to keep them hot. Informal lunchtime Chicago catering from a Chicago catering tradition -- Capt’n Nemo’s specializes in Giant Sandwiches, Sub d’oeuvre® platters and box lunches for all Chicago catering events.

Sub D'oeuvres®
These are smaller pieces of our regular subs with color-coded cocktail toothpicks and coordinating identification flags. In this photo, all the red ones are turkey sandwiches, blue ones represent the South Sea, and yellow is our Italian Sub. Very easy with no set-up time so you look good.

Large Tray (serves 10-12) - 30 pcs (Beef add $10)



Small Tray (serves 5-6) - 15 pcs (Beef add $5)




Box Lunches
Each box lunch contains a 6" sub, a cookie, a bag of chips and a drink for a bargain price. Compare what we include and you'll conclude your tightest budget starts here. These are better for a working-type lunch or a school bus where each person gets equal amounts quickly and neatly. What's more, we mark the outside of the box with our elegant sandwich label to identify the type of sandwich inside.

Box Lunch (Sub, Drink, Cookies, Chip)



GIANT Party Subs
Guys love 'em. They're big, they're messy, they're meaty, they're bulky an they're tasty. Perfect at football parties, sporting events, super bowl parties, tailgating, bachelor parties, and the wife-is-away party.
They are 3 feet in length where each foot serves about 5 averagely hungry adults, or 3 hungry guys. Pick from Classic Subs or Imperial Subs listed on our complete menu and call us at least two days in advance.

Any Giant Sub


$34.99 per foot (Beef add $5/ft.)

Accessories Package:
A complete kit at a below-cost price. Includes plates, napkins, straws (as needed), and forks.
- $3.50

Cole Slaw:
Our own; not too gushy and real tasty (each pound serves 4 people).
- $2.99 per lb

Pasta Salad:
Our own; Rotini pasta in a lite vinegarette with celery, carrots, and peas (each pound serves 4 people)
- $2.99 per lb

Potato Salad:
Tasty potatoes in a creamy, hearty dressing (each pound serves 4 people)
- $2.99 per lb


Capt'n Nemo's "Tasty Hot Stuff is great instead of the same-old "Chicken and Beef" type buffet event. Equipped with portable chafing dishes your food stays hot for hours.

Italian Beef
Following the same labor-intensive system since 1971, our beef is the finest in Chicago. Hand trimmed, slow roasted, hand sliced and then immersed in our made-from-scratch gravy guarantees every bite is tasty and tender. We recommend hot giardiniera for some extra spice and include it with our buffet.
- $15.99 per lb

Turkey Chili
Our turkey chili is thick with meat. Spicy (but not too hot) with a robust flavor to satisfy finicky taste buds. With pinto beans and kidney beans, this is a satisfying chili everyone will enjoy. One option: You can add crunchy tostada shells for a Mexican twist. AS SEEN ON CHICAGO'S BEST WGN-TV !

Beef Chili
For beef lovers, this is loaded with plenty of meat in a spicy (but not too hot) kick that satisfies a hearty appetite. Guys go berserk for out chili and always clean their bowls - not in the sink however. Some ideas: Add tostadas for a Mexican flair or hot dogs for Chili Dogs.

Vegetarian Chili
Don't forget - not everyone eats meat. That's why we created our world-class veggie chili. With pinto beans, bulgar wheat, zucchini, green peppers, tomatoes and onions in a thick, flavorful mixture it is a delight to savor. We strongly recommend including this in your buffet plans.


With a savory red wine broth and loaded with choice meat and tender red potatoes, crisp celery, corn, onions, young peas -- it's hearty and true -- a one-pot-meal.


All made-from-scratch, our soups fit in with any winter event you plan. We specialize in making hearty, thick soups. We are soup experts.

Types of Soup:

Loaded with noodles, kids love this one. Mrs. Nemo's Minestrone has a thicker, heartier broth with crisp fresh vegetables and al dente pasta. An Italian tradition with no American equivalent, this one is balanced nutrition with nearly every food group in each bowl. If you enjoy Minestrone but would like a thinner, lighter soup then try our Vegetable Soup. When you need chicken soup to cure what ails you, try out "Mama's Remedy". We make a great soup so you don't have to.

Vegetarian Split Pea:
A Thick Flavorful Split Pea Soup with less sodium and less fat. Peas, high in natural protein and complex carbohydrates, are an efficient energy source that your body will love. With a delicate sweetness and a smoother texture, Mrs. Nemo recommends this soup be eaten with crusty Italian bread or a sandwich to balance out the meal. If you like thicker, heartier soups then be sure to taste Mrs. Nemo's Hearty Barley, Navy Bean and Lentil soups. We make a great homemade soup so you don't have to.

Hearty Barley:
True to it's name, Mrs. Nemo makes sure every bowl is loaded with barley. As a natural grain it contains complex carbohydrates that provide high-octane fuel for your body. In beef stock that is made from scratch, this one will tame the coldest Chicago winter day. Some of our thicker soups you may also enjoy are Mrs. Nemo's Navy Bean, Lentil and Split Pea. We make a great homemade soup so you don't have to.

Vegetable Soup:
Homemade vegetable soup is no simple task. Mrs. Nemo uses fresh, crisp vegetables and cooks them quickly so the natural nutrients stay inside every bowl. Then, with a blend of her made-from-scratch chicken and beef stock, this soup is light, yet flavorful and satisfying. Looking for a heartier vegetable... try our Minestrone. When you're in need of chicken soup, try out "Mama's Remedy". We make a great soup so you don't have to.

Navy Bean:
Considered the heartiest of Mrs. Nemo's soups, the Navy Bean will fill you up but not out. Good Tasting and internally warming, it's designed to insulate against the cold Chicago winters. A rich and thick broth loaded with beans and ham, it could be a full meal or a hot, healthy snack. Other winter soups to try: Lentil, Hearty Barley or Vegetarian Split Pea. We make a great soup so you don't have to.

Lentil Soup:
A hearty, old world soup that delivers your money's worth... a veritable meal in itself. Lentils, a nutritionally balanced legume, are one of the oldest cultivated foods being a staple in the human diet since 8,000 B.C. Inside, you'll find a flavorful broth that's loaded with lentils and seasoned herbs and spices to provide you and your family a bowl of warming nutrition. If you like this one be sure to taste the Vegetarian Split Pea, the Navy Bean and Hearty Barley.






Fresh frozen, hand crafted and baked Enhanced Brownie or Enhanced Blondie slab for $19.99. You cut it to your sizes. Order 100 slabs and you get the recipe free!





Do you need something different and rather informal?. Since 1971 Capt’n Nemo’s sandwiches and Chicago catering have created a cult loyalty.ur office, graduations, football parties, baby showers, corporate meetings to provide true Chicago catering from a long standing Chicago establishme




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Captain Nemo's on Clark, catering the Chicagland area and
serving delicous subs, chili, and soups at numerous locations.