Capt'n Nemo's of Chicago, catering the Chicagland area and
serving delicous subs, chili, italian beef and soups at numerous locations.

Italian Beef
Captain Nemo's blends a Chicago takeout restaurant and Chicago sandwich shop into the Best Soups, Best Chili and Biggest Best Subs. And some of Chicago's Best Italian Beef.

Italian Beef defines a distinct part of the Chicago catering and restaurant menu. Truly unique to this great city, its concept has been exported to other metropolitan areas (Los Angeles Phoenix Miami...) only to end in disappointment to the born & bred Chicagoan. This webpage has authentic Italian Beef recipes and genuine chicago-style italian beef sandwiches. Well... Not every recipe to cooking italian beef is the same, some originate from Chicago Italian Weddings and others from Chicago Bachelor Parties. Capt'n Nemos' recipe dates to 1971...

The first location opened in August 1971. Capt’n Nemo’s created a lean & tasty Italian Beef prepared from scratch through an old-fashioned and labor-intensive 6 step process. The italian beef recipes and italian beef sandwiches start with tender, USDA choice or higher beef is oven roasted ,then hand sliced and generously piled on each sandwich to provide complete satisfaction. Beef is high-protein nutrition. Our catering offerings cover the entire Chicago area - Evanston North Shore, Wrigley Field, Rogers Park, Lakeview,and Lincoln Park. Wedding catering is an option as are catered Chicago weddings or North shore area events, e.g., super bowl parties, birthdays, anniversaries

Step 1: Start with USDA Choice or higher beef

Step 2: Trim to 98% lean - (97% if less than expert status)

Step 3: Add seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic)

Step 4: Slow Roast in a Dry Oven for maximum beef flavor

Step 5: Hand slice thin and against the grain

Step 6: Create the Au Jus, Italian beef gravy - Mrs. Nemo uses seven herbs and spices with salt, peper and garlic roasted beef drippings simmered for 30 minutes. While hot, immerse the thinly cut roast beef slices into the au jus, swishing it around, and using tongs, remove and pile onto crusty italian bread.


The italian beef sandwich with broad shoulders.

Italian beef only 2 g carbs!


Italian Beef Sandwich .....$5.99

Italian Beef low carb meal (2g carbohydrates) .....$5.99

Bulk Size beef (to take home) ......$15.99 per pound

Extra Provolone cheese .....$.65

Hot Giardiniera .....Free

Raw Onions .....Free



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Captain Nemo's on Clark, catering the Chicagland area and
serving delicous subs, chili, and soups at numerous locations.